Under the Drones

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  1. Living Under Drones, the aftermath of drone attacks | Exposing the Invisible.
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Brave New Foundation has the honor of releasing a video to accompany a seminal report by human rights law experts at Stanford and New York University law schools. The report uncovers civilian deaths, and shocking psychological and social damage to whole families and communities — where people are literally scared to leave their homes because of drones flying overhead 24 hours a day.

Hariri: Israeli drones in Beirut threaten Lebanon's sovereignty | Lebanon News | Al Jazeera

This report continues to call into question the U. Published: 22 Jun Published: 20 Jun Military drone crashes raise fears for civilians.

Published: 9 Jun The Upside The rise of the killer robots — and the two women fighting back. Jody Williams and Mary Wareham were leading lights in the campaign to ban landmines.

Now they have autonomous weapons in their sights. Published: 8 Apr UK, US and Russia among those opposing killer robot ban. UN delegates discuss restrictions to lethal autonomous weapons systems that use AI.

Drone attacks in Middle East raise fears of escalating conflict

Published: 29 Mar US airstrikes in Somalia are killing civilians, Amnesty International says. Published: 20 Mar Published: 3 Mar UK will deploy drone squadron after Brexit, says defence secretary.

They came just as Aramco accelerated plans for what could be the largest initial public offering of stock in the world, an event closely watched by global investors. The Saudi Interior Ministry reported fires at the two processing centers — in Abqaiq and also in Khurais — before dawn on Saturday, and later said they had been attacked with drones.

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A Houthi spokesman, Brig. The conflict in Yemen has killed thousands of civilians, many of them in Saudi airstrikes using American-made weapons. It has also created an enormous humanitarian crisis with millions at risk of starvation and millions of others homeless. In a report presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva last week, a panel of experts said both sides in the conflict were committing horrific human rights abuses, including arbitrary killings, rape and torture, with impunity.

The atrocities underscored the collective failure of the international community, the panel said.

Life Under Drones

After a period of relative calm, following a cease-fire brokered late last year , tensions have escalated in recent months. Houthi forces attacked Saudi pipelines and other oil infrastructure in May, temporarily halting the flow of crude oil, and in June they struck an airport in Saudi Arabia , wounding dozens of people.

In July, in a major blow to the Saudi-led coalition, the United Arab Emirates, which had been providing arms, money and, crucially, ground troops in Yemen, announced a rapid pullout from a conflict that had become too costly. The move left diplomats and analysts wondering whether Saudi Arabia would continue the war on its own. Although the Trump administration has been a vocal supporter of Saudi efforts to deter Iran and its allies in the region, congressional opposition to the sale of arms and the deployment of extra troops in Saudi Arabia has limited the scope of support from the United States.

Blames Iran.