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Nobilis writes erotic science fiction stories and shares them with you in audio format. Ep Suburban Fantasy by Nobilis Reed.

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This is the companion piece to last month's sandbox tradeoff. Ep Spawning Ground by Julie Cox. Ep Arvent by R. This month's patron-sponsored story is "Arvent" by R. Tusker, read by Violet Jade. This story carries a content note. This episode is sponsored by the generous patronage of Nobilis Erotica listeners.

Ep Dirty Mad Libs at Balticon If you've got the Nobilis Erotica Podcast App on your phone, look in the "Extras" section for the unedited version in all its two hour glory. This month's patron-supported episode is a female solo-ish story by T R Mortenson, narrated by Louise Cooksey. Will you be the patron who takes us over the top? This episode was brought to you by the generous patronage of Nobilis Erotica listeners. Episode Quality Assurance by Selbryth Lannigan. Listen through to the end for a special announcement!

This episode is sponsored by Literotica. If you like Scottie's voice, you can hear her narrate "Freespire Nights" on Audible.

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Listen through to the end for a short promo for the Smut Podcast. Episode The Chemical Trace of Amour It's read by Nobilis Reed. Episode - Monster Whisperer Second Class. The remaining chapters will be exclusive to the Patreon campaign. Check the podcast website for links to the first book in the series. Episode - Paper Doll by D. Mark Alderton.

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This episode of Nobilis Erotica is sponsored by Literotica, the world's most popular online community of self published erotica authors and readers for over 20 years. Mark Alderton, and is narrated here by Nobilis Reed.

Erotica Volume 3: Four Hot New Tales of Desire

This month's patron-funded story is a lesbian historical piece with a dash of genderfuckery titled "An Incident in Whitechapel" by Emily L Byrne. It's read for us by Joanna Bennett. It's narrated by Nobilis Reed. The story is read for us by Erin Kazmark of the Melting Potcast. Here we are! Episode - The Dryad's Dream, Part 6. You can find the beginning of this serial back on episode Episode Performance Anxiety by Reina Delacroix.

Episode The Dryads Dream Part 5.

Raven Merlot's Erotic Spanking Tales Volume 3 :Two Spanking Stories: Trick or Tease and Carnal-Val

This episode is sponsored by the patronage of listeners like you! Episode The Bridge by Shanna Germain. This week, we have another fanfic! Episode The Dryad's Dream Part 4. This one more than usual. Listener discretion is advised. Episode Sexting for Wizards by Nobilis Reed.

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And now for something completely different! Grappin, author of the "Deadly Studies" novella series, and cohost of the "Melting Potcast" short fiction podcast. Episode - The Dryad's Dream part 3. Episode Double by Nobilis Reed. It's read by the author.

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It's read for us by Honey Rambler. This week, we begin "Dryad's Dream," a serial by Marjorie Greene. This is the sequel to "Dungeon" which we ran starting at episode Special Balticon Message. This is a special message for Nobilis Erotica fans who are going to Balticon this year. In addition to having a few print books you can buy, I will also have little plastic earbud winders called "shrinky kinks" -- you wrap your earbuds around them and they keep the cords from getting tangled up in your pocket. If you want one, just walk up to me at Balticon and say, "I listen to the Nobilis Erotica podcast, and I would like a shrinky-kink.

This month's Circlet Press story is a set of readings from the annual Circlet Press editorial retreat.

1. Start with erotica anthologies.

You'll hear some familiar voices there, including Julie Cox and Bliss Morgan. Listen through to the end for a coupon code you can use on the Circlet Press website for an amazing discount. Episode Carnival by September Sui. Listen through to the end for a coupon code you can use on the Circlet Press website! This episode was brought to you by the generous patronage of listeners like you. The joke at the heart of Raven Sky's "Fuck Me like a Canadian" can't save it from tired stereotypes about Muslim women.

In contrast, the real gems in this anthology are those that eschew the usual pert, young, able-bodied subjects of erotic fantasy in favor of more thoughtful, relatable portrayals, and are all the sexier for it. Of particular note are Scout Rhodes's "Morning Fog," which features sleepy early-morning sex between women over 60; T.

Mill's "Fearless," which touchingly demonstrates the rewards of being patient with a recovering body; and Xan West's "Trying Submission," which flagrantly challenges all the old standards of the genre to celebrate a fat, disabled, autistic trans woman of color as she finds satisfaction in service. Standing alone, some of these stories are real gifts to readers, but as a whole, the collection falls short of its promise.

Wild Girls, Wild Nights. If your work is chosen to appear in this collection of Texas horror, you will join a talented group of upcoming and accomplished authors and expand your reach in the competitive field we are all trying to excel in. Hope to see your work soon! HellBound Books are currently accepting submissions for this, the third installment of our bestselling anthology title. Following the close of submissions for Volume One, we are now accepting submissions for Beautiful Tragedies 2, an anti-romance poetry anthology.

Give us your darkest nights, your most pain- filled and heart wrenching moments in prose.

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Anthology Submissions. Guidelines Made in Britain This anthology is for exposure only, your chance to show us - and our readers - what ya got! The anthology will close to submissions once filled.