Theatre and Testimony in Shakespeares England: A Culture of Mediation

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Theatre and Testimony in Shakespeare's England: A Culture of Mediation

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Theatre and Testimony in Shakespeare's England : A Culture of Mediation

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The film explores the multiple potentialities of mise en abyme as framing and framed fictions constantly interlace. I shall here focus on devices of transgression and permeability of the threshold between stage and backstage. Transitioning from Shakleton, my paper will focus on Richard II , and its repeated invocations of an organic commonwealth of man and nature displaced by power politics. Joan, through her relationship to prophecy, becomes an emblem for and a source of the chaos that defines the early reign of Henry VI.

In Macbeth Shakespeare portrays the sibylline figures from his source texts into the demonic figures. He acknowledges the power of prophecy to influence dynastic change, but shares the growing anxiety about prophesy in English culture. The play challenges contemporary dramatic productions that present the Sibyl or prophetess figure. We examine what the two accounts reveal about the importance of prophecies and omens to themes of inevitability.

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  5. Per Sivefors , Linnaeus University Sweden Prophecies, dreams and epistemological change in early modern drama. Drawing on plays by Lyly, Webster and Shakespeare, the paper connects such tendenices to changing notions of the human psyche and to a gradual loss in the epistemological prestige of prophetic dreams. From the idea that dreams foresee the future, early modern drama comes to reflect the idea that dreams tell us something about the dreamer him- or herself.

    Prophets possess a puzzling identity, especially knowing that many of them remain anonymous. The absence of a name hinders the process of identification and we are driven to look for other signs that are given by theatrical devices, as physical appearance or speech. However, the concept of identity is not only, as we understand it in its ordinary meaning, the question of the name. It comprehends, above all else, the issues of the being as it is one and the same. Indeed, the uniqueness and the sameness of the prophet present an instability that echoes the world they evolve in.

    This paper examines a variant of prophecy that is distinctively performative in nature, namely, the curse. Whether the destruction of super-self-possessed Richard bears testimony to the workings of a providential force beyond his control or, conversely, serves to confirm that we are dependent on others for our integrity, the play remains a disturbingly ambiguous one, reflecting the evolving conception of vengeance in an increasingly desacralized world.

    Kristin M. My paper illustrates the significance of corporeality when interpreting omens in the tragedies. The conflicted status of monarchy, both English and French, disturbs the association of prophecy with the crown in 1 Henry VI. The issue of prophecy and its location in the royal crown is posed in the contrast of the funeral speeches that open Henry VI, Part I.

    The disruption of visionary kingship embraces playwright, spectator, player and theatrical space. All those convened to the crown play at resolving contradictory prophecies. Most biographies of Shakespeare drive a direct trajectory from his birth to his death, taking note of his relatives, friends, and colleagues only in so far as what is already known about them impinges directly on his life.

    Yet many of these people are both relatively under-investigated and of interest in their own right. In the light of this belief we are editing a collection of essays for Cambridge University Press called The Shakespeare Circle: An Alternative Biography due to be published in Some of our contributors are able to take part in this seminar to try out their ideas and discuss their work so far.

    Too often, ecocritics celebrate the agency of non-human matter; yet today the powers of earth, air, fire, and water threaten and injure human populations more strongly and randomly than ever. This paper discusses the definition of the forest as a space regulated by the repetitive act of appropriation on the part of the royal authority as well as the correspondences between the rhetoric of forest possession and the codification of another locus communis for the political use of nature, i.

    Were humans the only political creatures in early modernity? Clearly not, answers a wave of work in animal studies.