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Consumption of family assets happens in different ways:. Here, the central question that families face is what are their options regarding the business and how should they decide? From this point onwards, the family is not fighting for survival of the business as the only path to wealth creation. Looking at it from the lens of the industry life cycle is very helpful.

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In Figure D, we show a generic industry lifecycle. Usually, a successful founding entrepreneur finds a new industry or niche market. He rides the wave of the explosive growth of the market and becomes a dominant player by beating out many other competitors.

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He also began to network with the Robert G. Allen Group and now he not only helps Real Estate investors make profitable investments designed to bring in monthly, positive cash-flow, but he also helps them to achieve their financial goals.

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Shahzad: President of Elite Training Pros, a training company designed to help, support and mentor those who are looking to invest with confidence in real estate. Shahzad Ahmed is well-known for being Canada's leading real estate expert, Elite wealth coach, International bestselling author, and a world-class speaker and trainer. Shahzad has written books and shared stages with Sunil Tulsiani, Robert G.

Shahzad is the creator of "Free Yourself First, Be A Millionaire Later" which is a concept of replacing your current active income with passive income through real estate investments.

He is one of the most sought after real estate Coaches and Mentors in Canada and has been featured as an expert in Canada's top real estate magazine in , and Shahzad has trained thousands and helped hundreds of individuals and families in creating passive income for life. He is directly responsible for hundreds of success stories, many come from his students who he personally mentored.

Shahzad wants to empower those who are willing to change their lives with his strong leadership, persuasive messages, and exceptional education. His mission is to touch the lives of millions of people around the world and leave a positive impact on them.

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They walked me through the steps, they showed me the properties, explained the risk very clearly, potential appreciation, cash flow etc. They go beyond the limits to help their clients. I now have multiple properties giving me cash flow every month. I am extremely happy and satisfied. I am financially FREE!

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You'll experience a "personal touch". A boutique real estate investment club where members are treated like a family. Where investing your hard earned money is invested will full responsibility knowing that this is your life savings.