StripperStopper: how to save your relationship from strip clubs

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The coarse skin of his hand over her mouth is so firm that she can only inhale in short desperate gasps when he releases it only briefly. The school girl skirt and the white blouse fall to the floor as the full beauty of her naked body is revealed. He bends her over a stool and makes her spread her legs, bottom spanks and face slaps her. The tosses her on the bed where he proceeds to bind her wrists to her ankles.

Forcing her into a bent forward posture that leaves her bare bottom sticking straight out. He commands her to show off her body and stick that ass up high. She is threatened with anal sex and told how pretty she looks.

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He commands her to take up a kneeling posture with her arms behind her back after he unties her. She knows now that he is grooming her to be his sex slave.

The hardening of the space between his legs has her fantasizing about the size of his cock. She wonders if it will hurt. An 18 year old high school senior. She has so much to learn about servicing hard cock! Big Tit Rope N Grope. Big titted 19 Miranda undergoes a strict, elbow cinching and wrist rope up that when combined with the vulva splitting crotch rope and the knee binding holds her in utmost security so her face can be worshipped close up and any defiance dealt with using a light slap on the face to hold her attention and keep her focused on her mission to serve Master cock.

When the fun is over the bitch is partially untied so those gorgeous hooters can be examined in greater detail.

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Hooded and Hogged. Why would an 18 year old girl think there was anything suspicious going on if she had to turn the lights on at the breaker? Oh well The hood over the head and the strong arms about her body have her nearly wetting her panties before she knows it.

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And the cleave gag over the hood is causing the hood to get wet around her mouth. Poor girl. She is bound strictly, set on a stool, humiliated by being photographed, hog tied and laid on the floor. Her pussy is soaking wet when the hood is pulled from her head. Her angelic sweet face and huge begging eyes look dutifully to her captor as he lifts and slaps her face.

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The riding crop stings as he uses it to force her to move. Her immature nipples flare beneath rough callouses as her breasts are exposed. She knows she'll be fully nude in no time Strippers Subduction.

Outcall stripper gets a man handling, butt slapping , hand over mouth back arching bitch stripping followed by a slave collar arm binding and incarceration into sexual servitude when she shows up at the home of this customer. Apparently he likes those skinny little legs and cutie pie face so much he has decided to keep her on his own payroll She is left in bondage when he goes to work Celena and Nikki. Gorgeous Celena is taken in her own home by a stranger who easily sneaks up on her as she listens to music. She is intimidated, cuffed, ball gagged, stripped, dominated, spanked and neck roped into submission.

Then Nikki She is laid out on a table and cries as she is hogged up tight. Finally buxom Vanessa is dominated and forced to kneel alongside Genesis in the nude. Celena is one kick ass buxom bondagette and gets what's coming to her in this flick. Listen to her beg as she is slapped, fondled and used as a sex toy.

Fat Ass Skinny Rope. Plump rump and perfectly smooth skin make this pink little piggy look real porkable. Slap that fat ass and lube it up with bacon grease and she'll squeal like a pig when you slip your dick in.

Ball gag looks like an apple in her mouth and the nose hook is the perfect tool to keep that fat little piggy face scrunched up real nice when she's hogged up tight with thin cord for roasting. Punished for Failure to Perform. Tall black model with gorgeous hanging hooters, muscular calves and thighs and a nice tight ass is spanked, cropped, whipped, hand over mouth dominated, face slapped and verbally dressed down for failure to show up to a modeling shoot.

Then physically dressed down and finger up the ass when she shows signs of arousal. Then she is turned to face outwards so her sensitive breasts can be clipped and whipped. Her elbows are cinched as well as her neck with an overhead rubber. She whines and begs like a whore until the intensity of the punishment leaves her quivering with guilt and begging to fuck to avoid further punishment. Super Hot! It begins with Lexis Lane and Ally zip tied and gagged in the back of the van on their way to the captors lair. Then Lexis is singled out for punishment.

She is dominated using riding crop, leather belt, nylon rope, latex tubing, electrical wire, cleave gag and ball gag. She is forced to strip, man handled to look her over, constrict that neck, slap that face and fine ass, and feel up those massive hooters. She gets bound bent over the stool for a nice hard spanking and belt whipping. She gets put up on the table to be wired up and get that ass up where it can be examined in detail with her hands out of the way. Bound in latex rubber tubing and forced to struggle.

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Bound in hog tied position and gagged to wear herself out so when the fun is over she will be compliant when the Master decides to have a good time using that hot cheerleader body for its intended purpose This one will throw attractive offspring for future generations to fuck.

Megan and Jessy. Taken and Trained. Khaki skirt provides little protection for tender young lamb as she is man handled, dominated, slave collared, big ball gagged, hog roped, breast bound, forced to hold that ass out and stick those tits out with the assistance of the crop. Lilly white skin and fresh faced innocent look provide little protection as the slave girl is crotch roped tight, dominated and put up on the table for a ball gagging and a hog roping.

She is ass upped and cropped with stinging effectiveness on that pure white butt. A chain around the neck is used to get her to lift that head. Then the bitch is relieved of the slippery wet ball gag and face slapped before being laid out on the table in rope for a gag free nap. She agrees to beg for cock when instructed and keep her pretty little mouth shut to avoid that big fat ball gag. Then long haired lovely is crotch roped tight, strappado bent and hung leaning forward.

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She is left bent forward to struggle and squirm that hot body when a large brute approaches and proceeds to bottom spank, face slap and generally fuck with the increasingly horny nude captive. She'll slide up and down on that cock real easy with as wet as she has become. Then she is hung up in nude spread eagle bondage.

Right side up, upside down, slapped on the ass, pussy and face. Head harness ball gag to shut the bitch up. The only thing she needs now is a big fat dick inside her. Full length movie starring Megan and Jessy. Also available by mail in DVD format.