Rah, Rah, Radishes!: A Vegetable Chant (with audio recording) (Classic Board Books)

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I am thankful for my family and the way they make me feel inside and out. I held up a sign with the word gratitude I said the word and then sounded it out running my finger under the letters. You can feel gratitude for many things and there are many ways to show it as well.

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The songs and stories shared today are about feeling gratitude and showing gratitude. I started with a beautiful story by a Passamaquoddy storyteller about a family that is migrating for the winter, an accident, and how the forest animals come to the rescue. While traveling inland for the winter, Baby Zoo Sap falls off the sled while his family is sleeping. I love this beautiful book and thought it would pair nicely with a flannel board prop, so I printed pictures of all the animals, drew baby Zoo Sap to the best of my ability and am pretty proud of how he turned out! I started with a blank white board and when Zoo Sap falls off the sled in the story, I placed him on the board.

After reading each page, I added the animals mentioned on that page. The kids really enjoyed seeing photographs of real animals illustrated in the book! After reading we transitioned into a song about being thankful. Stomp your feet …. Do all three! Cause your friends Are my friends, And my friends, Are your friends. Cause caring is sharing, And sharing is caring. Day by Day by Susan Gal.

I love this story and was reminded about it reading this list of picture books about gratitude. And it was perfect for Farm Stand Storytime, because it talked about food harvested a former Farm Stand Storytime theme , being thankful for friends and family, for the days gone by, the change of seasons, and transitions.

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I know!! I also had families sit close and hug and sway if they liked. I sang and placed the flannel pieces up as the song played lyrics can be found HERE. It was a sweet, quiet ending to storytime. I said I was thankful for them and how special each one of them are, for sharing stories together, and for the time we have had together on the farm that morning.

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There is so much to be thankful for. I then invited them to write what they were thankful for on a leaf and decorate the leaf to be hung from the farm stand. I dumped a bag of leaves I collected the day before on the table along with several sets of markers and the kids went to work. Once they were done, they gave me their leaf that I attached to fishing line and hung from the farm stand. By the time the leaves were all hung, the storytimers had left, the farm was quiet, and the thankful leaves danced around on the breeze and sunbeams. It was a happy ending. Thank you! Pages to Projects: Weaving a Tale.

Also, be sure to check out the Pages to Projects pinboard for storytime book recommendations and projects! For a fun twist to trick-or-treating, the Wednesday before Halloween my coworkers and I created an interactive storywalk experience inside the library using five favorite Halloween tales. Williams, illustrated by Megan Lloyd. Ghosts in the House! Schindle r.

The books given away were leftover books from various events or past summer reading programs. The exhibit stayed up after the event was over for library patrons to enjoy, which were counted in passive programming stats. Here it is mapped out:. This book ended with putting together the scarecrow in the book on a flannel board and doing the actions from the story. If you are interested in recreating this activity, I found this handy template via Toddler Approved. I paired actual pictures of the various life cycle stages of a pumpkin with the illustrations in this book.

This storwalk started with making a little ghosty friend out of a coffee filter at a little self-serve station to take with while reading the story.

Easy ghost craft credit via Blog Me Mom. The activity for Big Pumpkin was an act out — Kids could choose what character to be using these fun costumes my co-worker, Emmy, made from this sequencing activity featured on Fun-a-Day. A lot of kids that visit the library walk or take the bus from the west side projects, and the goal was to create a unique, safe Halloween experience for everyone in the library. Plus, it promotes reading together!

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  6. This idea was intended for Halloween, but it could absolutely be used with any favorite story, holiday, season, or theme in the library! If you decide to do something like this in your library, let me know! Last Friday was the second installment of a new storytime series in collaboration with Crabtree Farms , highlighting stories, songs, and activities about the local food system and great outdoors.

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    You can read about the first one HERE. After welcoming the crowd to Farm Stand Storytime, we started with the same opening fingerplay rhyme from last month:. I wiggle my fingers, I wiggle my toes. I wriggle my shoulders, I wiggle my nose. I give my hands a clap, I put them in my lap. Shall we look inside? They all yelled back that we should! I faced the box towards me, peak inside and shut it. I do this again. And then I looked surprised, opened it all the way, and turn it around for all to see. Mystery Vine by Cathryn Falwell. First I read Mystery Vin e, my absolute favorite book about pumpkins for all ages.

    I make a big deal, put down the book, and pull out the pumpkins. The kids love watching the vine grow before their eyes and they all gasped when the pumpkins came out.

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    I was a little nervous to attempt making this prop, because I can barely sew a button but it did the job. I made my Mystery Vine using green cording, flannel, thread, pipe cleaners, and lots of hot glue. The dirt is hot glued to a plastic pot that I purchased on clearance. The leaves were cut from various pumpkin leaf templates I found online and I made the pumpkins using this method stuffed with plastic bags.

    There is also a piece of velcro on the bottom interior that the vine can attach to. The pumpkins were both stiched and hot glued and everything else was hand-sewn onto the vine. Credit props to my husband for helping me cut the leaves, my mom, who was visiting for the weekend, for helping sew, and Cathryn Falwell for sending helpful hints and suggestions on how to make it! Next we said the pumpkin chant which was written by my dear friend Jane Johnston and is delightfully fun!

    Pumpkin, pumpkin, Pumpkin bread! Hold hands flat in front, palms up, on lying on top of the other. Pumpkin, pumpkin, Pumpkin cake! Hold Hands flat, one palm up, one palm down five inches above the other. One October day, two siblings notice shapes all around during their day on the farm.

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