Pindar and the Cult of Heroes (Oxford Classical Monographs)

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Hero cult, Bruno Currie argues, could be anticipated, in different ways, in a person's lifetime. Epinician poetry too should be interpreted in the light of this cultural context; fundamentally, this genre explores the patron's religious status. The book features extensive studies of Pindar's Pythians 2, 3, 5, Isthmian 7, and Nemean 7. Christoph Riedweg. John Boardman. A Companion to Greek Mythology.

Baby, Baby, Baby: Why Did the Ancient Greeks Turn Dead Children into Heroes?

Ken Dowden. Greek Religion. Walter Burkert. On Greek Religion. Robert Parker. Carlo Natali. Initiation Into Philosophy. Emile Faguet. The Consolation of Philosophy. Peter Walsh. The Greeks. Paul Cartledge. The Story of Athens.

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Phillip Harding. Menelaos Christopoulos. The Nature of the Gods. The Cambridge Companion to Archaic Greece. Richard Stoneman.

Aesopic Conversations. Leslie Kurke. The Greek World.

10. Nemean 6: Athletes as Heroes

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Stanley Bonner. The Shadow of Sparta. Stephen Hodkinson. Gunnel Ekroth. Epicurean Tradition. Howard Jones. The Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy.

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Nemean 6: Athletes as Heroes - Oxford Scholarship

Herodotus: Histories Book V. Ancestral Fault in Ancient Greece. Image and Idea in Fifth Century Greece. Human Sacrifice in Ancient Greece. Dennis D. George A. Plato and the Traditions of Ancient Literature. Richard Hunter. Callimachus in Context. Benjamin Acosta-Hughes. Courtesans at Table. Laura McClure. The Cambridge Companion to Greek Comedy. Martin Revermann. Atheism In Pagan Antiquity. History of Greek Literature. Albrecht Dihle. Aeschylus; E. Morshead Translator. Norse Mythology: All about Vikings. Baby Professor. Athenian Politics c BC.


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