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The emotional layers of the novel are likewise unremarked. Joanie carries the middle narrative; Lori could easily carry the ending. Women appear in this book largely as sex objects and encumbrances.

The group will end, as inevitably as history, and Lori, the Plath-quoting runaway coed, is really the embodiment of that collapse. Allowing her to carry the story would give it an additional layer of complexity. Annette Lapointe is a fiction writer and academic living in northern Alberta, Canada.

a book review by Annette Lapointe: Outside Looking In: A Novel

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Reviewed by:. The surprise is not that Boyle turned to Leary; the surprise is that it took him this long to do it.

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Brilliant, obsessive, defiant, narcissistic, messianic and ambitious, Leary is for Boyle a low-hanging fanatic. Boyle is our great dramatist of the inner circle. Though there are troubles and omens, Fitz and Joanie remain committed and enthusiastic trippers throughout the move to idyllic Mexico and then to rural Millbrook. Gradually, however, the experimental life becomes a slog.

This novel is not, it must be said, full of surprises.

As it turns out, constant drug use and free love may not be good for your marriage, family or academic career. This kind of travel writing is a challenge. Fitz and Joanie begin in the spirit of exploration, but that gives way quickly to the spirit of escape, an endless and thoughtless party.

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They seem as doomed by counterculture as by culture. He is a spirited downhill writer, capable of creating energy by virtue of his own pace and verve, and that is certainly the case here.

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This is not the best T. Boyle novel — kinetic, conceptual and keen.


Moreover, when you take a step back from the book you can begin to appreciate that Boyle — much in the spirit of his quixotic and ambitious subjects — has now completed his own impressive public art project: a Mount Rushmore of American Fanatics. And listen to us on the Book Review podcast.

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