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Paul was not at Heathrow to see her off. Two pals moved in to keep him company — the artist Dudley Edwards and Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, the playboy son of the French painter Balthus. Stash — as he was known — had just been charged with possession of cocaine and cannabis, along with his friend, the Rolling Stone Brian Jones. It was Peter who introduced Paul to an American photographer called Linda Eastman, who was in town shooting pictures of musicians.

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When Dudley came back from the bar, he found Paul and Linda engrossed in conversation. Dudley paired up with the singer Lulu, and Paul asked everybody back to his place. Memories are hazy about whether she slept with him that night. In fact, Paul was powerfully attracted to Lin, as he called her. He liked blondes.

And he was pleased that — like Jane — she was from a wealthy background. The marriage was not a success: Mel was an academic and Linda hardly ever opened a book. They broke up two years later. Wedded bliss: Paul and Linda on the day they were married at Marylebone registry office in A few days after meeting Paul, Linda showed up at the Belgravia home of Beatles manager Brian Epstein for the press launch of their new album, Sgt.

That weekend, she tried calling him at home and got Stash on the line instead. He told her Paul was in Liverpool. Unfazed, Linda said she wanted to come over anyway. So she did — and promptly fell into bed with Stash. It was a bizarre weekend. She threw an all-weekend party with Paul to celebrate the release of Sgt. The romance was very much back on. That Christmas, he gave her a diamond ring and asked her to marry him. Her lover, it seemed, was now definitely off the market. Not, however, as far as Linda was concerned.

Five months later, in May , she turned up at a press conference being given by Paul and John at a New York hotel. So I went out in their limousine, sandwiched between Paul and John. Like the Beatle, she was a pothead'. In fact, when he returned to the UK, Paul still seemed committed to Jane.

Yet as soon as Jane went back to the Old Vic, Paul took another woman to bed. But Paul clearly found her pretty enough: he flirted with her outrageously when they met at Apple, and jumped into bed with her after calling round at her Chelsea flat. But Paul was soon off on another trip, this time to LA. He went clubbing in LA that night and came home to find girls outside his hotel bungalow queuing round the block.

The next day, Paul came back between business engagements to change his clothes. Paul and Linda spent the day together on a motor boat, drinking champagne, eating bacon sandwiches, getting stoned and canoodling. There was a wild element to their love-making, she claims. Once, Paul took her to a new club, then stopped on the way home to make love to another girlfriend.

Indian Boyhood, by Ohiyesa (Charles A. Eastman)

Francie had the humiliation of waiting for Mr Plump downstairs. They were in bed together one morning when there was a knock at the bedroom door. Brock: Soft shell or hard shell tacos?

RLM: Soft shell. Brock: Favorite place to vacation? RLM: Spring golf, baseball, moderate temperatures … need I say more? Brock: Do you have a particular drink or food you consume when you write? Like coco, raspberry tea, animal crackers? RLM: Mid-morning, I take a break for an energy drink, often blended with various fruits. Brock: Favorite color?

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what are some examples? Brock: Yes, it can be distracting at times. What might our audience not know about you? RLM: I played semi-pro baseball. I could throw a curve ball but not hit one, so that career path was a dead end. RLM: In high school, I thought briefly about going to law school. Years ago, she thought Caleb King might be her husband—until he met her cousin and Jessie's dream was cut short. Laid up with a broken leg and a demanding dairy farm, Caleb needs her. But Caleb wants no woman around…and not reminder of the wife who abandoned her family before her death.

Robert Freeman

Especially since he fears Jessie will throw a wrench in his plan to remain a single dad. She's gentle and kind, and if Caleb isn't careful, she may be just what his little Amish family needs. Brock: How did you come up with the idea for this series? Marta: I really wanted to do a series of books about siblings who had all been affected by a single traumatic event in their family.

It turned out to be the three King brothers, and I loved exploring the different ways each of them had reacted and how each of them found love and hope for the future. Brock: Tell us about the main characters. Marta: Jessie Miller is a single Amish woman who has given up the expectation of love for herself but who finds contentment in helping others, including her nieces and nephews.

She is gentle and loving but also very firm in her belief as to what's right for the children in her care, even when her belief runs counter to their father's opinions. Caleb King has reacted to the abandonment of first his mother and then his wife by distrusting women, and he's convinced he can raise his two young children on his own.

But when disaster strikes he's forced to accept the help he doesn't want, and in doing so, he begins to learn that only through forgiving the past can he find the future he wants for his family. Marta: Jessie cherishes the memory of a single afternoon spent with Caleb, more than half in love with him before she realizes he only has eyes for her cousin.

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Caleb can never let anyone know that beneath his anger and lack of forgiveness for the wife who deserted him and their children, he harbors the deep guilt that it might have been his fault. Brock: In three words, what is this book about? Marta: How about three phrases?


This book is about forgiving the wrongs of the past, learning to trust God in the present, and gaining hope for a brighter future. Marta: The very idea of letting the characters take control makes me nervous. I always plan my stories in advance, but I leave enough freedom to take advantage of the serendipitous scenes that seem to pop up when I'm writing. Marta: I think most of us who have lived for a few years have experienced being let down by someone we love, and most of us have felt guilty about things left undone and wrong choices made.

If it speaks to a few people who are struggling with these problems, then I'll have done what I set out to do. Marta: Since I write both romance and suspense, my favorite genre varies.