Joe Pusher Picture Book Volume 1 Featuring Adrienne (Joe Pusher Picture Book Collection)

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Next, audiophile Tim presents a voicemail from Karen in Austin, TX who uses science to solve crimes and wanted to tell us how she got started on that path. Finally, Ryan has an e-mail from Lucas H. And if you think that it seems like volcanoes are going off more than usual, turns out that psychology more so than geology.

After a brief announcement we get back to the fun stuff, and first up is a BSso thesis for Patron Julie S. Thanks, Julie!

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Kelly has an e-mail from Travis about how great former guest Abby Howard and her book Dinosaur Empire are. We agree, obviously. Finally, Abe has an iTunes review from a pretty august author questioning our topic priorities. Why does having a bunch of root data available matter? Listen and find out! Ryan has a typically convoluted thing in the form of a Papes Off the Crust Appalachian-style kvass ale brewed with pumpernickel bread, apples, fig leaves, and coconuts.

Juli weighs in with her thoughts and the dog gets excited. Sap extraction discussion ensues. Matt keeps things sharp with a Baileys-spiked Caribou coffee. First up, Patron Magnus C. Thanks, Magnus! Next up, Joe reads an iTunes review from TheBoomstick!

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And Ryan wraps it all up with a tweet from MountainVole recommending the show to a friend on Twitter, which is just the best. Music in the episode: Fred Jones, Pt. Plus how organizations like the Science and Entertainment Exchange see episode 40 can help steer Hollywood in the right scientific direction.

Thanks again to Kyle for putting together the panel, make sure to check out his Youtube series Because Science from the Nerdist. Only one this week and it comes from Thomas K. The folks at Wondery have asked us to share a preview from their podcast American Innovations hosted by popular science author Steven Johnson. If you like the preview and would like to hear the full episode plus episodes on topics like mapping the human genome or the rise of the personal computer, head over to Wondery. This time they took a trip out to the shores of Chesapeake Bay, but first.

What is the Chesapeake Bay, how did it get there, and what was the climate like when the fossils they ended up finding were forming? Ryan's up next with some Starfire from Crooked Run Brewing which reveals a deep love of passionfruit. Results at Calvert Cliffs State Park are suboptimal, but after a stop at a local brewery, we're given some tips for a better beach and head to Brownies for much-improved collecting.

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To end, we give a breakdown of what we found, some grades to each site, and some tips and tricks for future fossil hunters to use to improve their odds of getting the best haul! Check out some of the photos from our expedition below! Be there! Next, Abe has an e-mail for new patron Kay S. Thanks, Kay! Next up, Bev has a new 5-star iTunes review from Kramkjk, which forces Bev to reveal a terrible secret. Finally, Ryan has an e-mail from Morgan B. Some sense, some non-, and like most things, ends with zombies.

We're fighting to get our 5-star iTunes rating back, so we're very thankful for the reviews from Aleesa S and Panda-bear First up, we learn about the paleontology research they both did as Masters students at East Tennessee State University working at their Gray Fossil Site. Long story short: Will did gators, David did snakes and other lizards. He's bracketed on both sides by Will and David each having a Dr.

Joe Pusher Picture Book Volume 1 Featuring Adrienne (Joe Pusher Picture Book Collection)

Bonus: here's the mislabeled sloth tweet that so annoyed former guest Doc Sloth - PaleoPOWs are a lot like paleontology; sometimes they take a while. Good, but frustrating, points. Thanks for writing in, Susan! That's right baffled! Anyways, turns out wolves cooperate with each other better than dogs do. Are dogs just broken wolves?

That's what this study sought to test in a pretty clever way. Either way, they're good dogs, Brent. Ben mixes it up with some sort of clam miso beverage soup? Go home, Ben, you're If that ocean has life, that life will need food. That food may show up via some ice tectonics as proposed and modeled by a new paper.

Somehow the sport of squash gets involved.

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Listen to find out why. Abe begins with a thesis for recurring Patron Sam L. Thanks, Sam! Next up, Chelsea B.

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Ryan realizes he has a lot to learn about foregut versus hindgut digestion and reads up a bit to try to set the record straight. Finally, Ben presents a 5-star iTunes review from Kyle that gives Ryan a chance to gloat, so things are almost immediately back to normal. They're not dinosaurs but they're still great.

ASMR- CALMING COLLECTIONS- My Picture Books - Part 1

We begin with some pterosaur basics to make sure everyone is up to speed. PSA: Don't touch dead armadillos. We also touch on the cryptid beast the "Ropen" thought by some to be pterosaurs that have survived to modern day spoiler: they haven't. Just Ryan for this segment and he's got a question Liam T. If you simply must have more then you should definitely just get the book.

You can find more books on Carl's website and follow him on Twitter carlzimmer. First up, Patron Stu P. Thanks, Stu! We also must thank modernarts for their recent 5-star iTunes review pushing us back up the charts! But for our actual first subject we're talking about hitting asteroids with HAMMERs because if they're coming for us, we better be ready. Joe keeps it soft but bilingual with a Johnnie Ryan's Black Cherry Soda, and like most cherry sodas, he enjoys it. And Ryan is having a Black Flag Mambo Sauce, which fortunately does not taste like actual mambo sauce because that would be weird.

But a new technique is aiming to make it just a little bit easier. Abe discusses the new idea, how it could help, and some of the continued hurdles that come up when trying to understand what's happening under our feet. First up, Patreon supporter Rich B.

Thanks, Rich! Next, Frank has sent in a story about old beer. Ryan has an update, and he and Abe disagree about whether this is a beer worth sampling. Following up on episode , we have another round of short audio clips that Ryan created for the podcast startup Anchor under the banner of Organized Curiosity explanation of the name here.

No link because it's all me, BABY! What is pi? The history of a number - PaleoPOWs are sort of like the opposite of anchors; they lift you up. This week we're trying to climb our way back to a 5-star iTunes rating, so Ryan reads a few recent reviews that are helping us get there. Thanks to jeffluckclub, Nd power, Willcrimson, Kittie, and Steven for taking a moment to help us out!