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Consult Request. New Website Launch. We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. I know I am probably in a minority here, so I salute all of you avid poster enthusiasts.

Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Many scientists are not morning people well, not the ones I know anyway. You can sit by yourself and feel sad and lonely, or you can try to break into a group and feel sad and lonely. Or you can discreetly play Candy Crush Saga on your phone there really is a limit to the number of times you can pretend to read the abstract book.

Best approach — find another singleton of about your age and pay grade, and talk to them about work. Scientific party animals 3. I was a swotty child and a swotty undergrad, and by the time I started my PhD, life in the social slow lane seemed a very real prospect.

Doctor Who: Twelve Angels Weeping: Twelve stories of the villains from Doctor Who by Dave Rudden

Would I never get to stay up till dawn with unsuitable companions, to attend excitingly louche parties, and get arrested for inappropriate behaviour in a public place? Enjoy yourself!

Try not to behave so badly that you get noticed though — these people will keep popping up throughout your career and have very long memories. For some reason, it takes all the pressure off, and with any luck at least one of them will be halfway interesting.

Redeem yourself by giving an interesting and thoughtful account of the conference, gleaned from the notes you have of course already written about the most interesting talks and gossip scientific gossip, doh. Then pack away your pulling pants and get that nose right back down on the grindstone.

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