Cool, Hip & Sober: 88 Ways to Beat Booze and Drugs

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I think if I had a glimmer of hope, and maybe knew something I could do that would be positive, life would be more tolerable. Some say alot depends on what drugs they are on, etc.

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What gets me thru my own situation is that I use my best friends husband as an example. He was an alcoholic for years who had been in and out of jail over a span of several decades. All of the sudden, one day, he just made a conscience decision that he was not going to do that anymore and got into some very intense counseling.

The Virginia native on getting “looped out,” dealing with addiction, and returning to music.

All those years he had been running instead of dealing and it got him no where. That was almost 10 years ago now and we have the wonderful friend back that we always knew was there. When I start to feel very discouraged about my situation, I call him.

Jordan Peterson on Alcohol

He has been a rock of not only support but hope as well. I am a true believer that no one can do this alone. My belief system is that anyone that makes the decision to change needs counseling along with medical supervision to make the transition back into the real world as easy as possible. Dealing with whatever they are running from is a MUST in my book.

She has put herself in some very bad situations and God only knows where that took her. This is where as a parent we want to just reach out and hug them and let them know that they can talk to us about anything and we will try to make it all better but if their running from their own mind, only they can make it all better with the help of a good therapist that they can talk with open and honestly and feel no guilt or shame in expressing their feelings and experiences with.

Also, no matter if its drugs or alcohol someone is using, the need for medical supervision is a must. Detox from any of these substances can be life threatning and they need to be detoxed gradually to avoid any serious side effects of quiting. I believe there is always hope and we must hang on to that hope.

Again, in my own situation I have found this easier to do once I distanced myself from my daughters problems and just put the message out to her that we will get her help once she is ready and will not help her with anything but that. My heart truly feels for you at this time but I want to encourage you to keep the hope alive. I have seen first hand that it can happen.

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Talked to my son on Wednesday, he told me that he has been going to his meetings and is also in contact with his sponsor. It is a big relief to me and his dad and sister. He also told me that he went to put the money down at a College so that he can continue his education and wants to be able to help others in the future.

I told him that we will support him with this decision and would pay for his education but the money would go directly to the college and he was happy with that. Is it a bad thing or am I enabling him again?? I just want him to be happy. I love my son so much and have been through so much with him?

Cool, Hip & Sober: 88 Ways to Beat Booze and Drugs by W.H. Manville

He is so kind and thoughtful to other people and has such a big heart. I hope that he means it and that I can go to sleep at night and not worry and cry myself to sleep. If for some reason he stops, you can then have him drop the classes by the designated date so you can get a refund of your money.

This will require alot of work on your part. Besides paying for the units there is also books, etc. I do hope that he starts off slow since his recovery should be first and foremost. Having too much responsibility and stress in his life could lead to the same old habit of escape again… As all college grads know, the studying, test and finals can be quite stressfull. I would like to think that his sponsor will remind him of this so he takes it slow at the start.

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He has made the right start by going to his meetings and staying in touch with his sponsor and this makes me very happy for not only him but your family as a whole. I wish you and your family the best. As for my situation, my daughter is coming over tomorrow for Easter dinner. I was surprised she wanted to come over since she was so angry at me for calling her out on her addiction and my suggestion of rehab but, if she wants to be here as part of the family for the holiday, I will welcome her with open arms.

Although I must be strong, I am still a parent who wants my child to know that no matter what, I will always love her.

The 5 Spiritual Tools I Use in My Sober Recovery {2018 Update}

Good or bad each new day is an opportunity for a brighter future. Some days are better than others but my hope continues on no matter what. In reading and writing about all of the difficult situations parents face with their drug and alcohol abusing children — children of all ages — it is also heartening to read about those of you who have seen posative changes. Part of the on-going problem remains, however. The vast majority of treatment regimens are counter-productive — creating and justifying more abuse than they end.

Unhappily, nothing works predictably. But we can support posative change paying for college directly to the college is an excellent example and refuse to mitigate negative consequences. Another important possibility is to do your own research — real research, not treatment program marketing hype. You can find links to independent research on our website and learn what actually does work.

You can also find help on this site, listings of professionals who do real treatment for real people.

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Remember that drugs and alcohol do provide predictable and effective short term relief and that switching to a long term perspective is hard — as any smoker knows. But successful change is possible, even likely, with the right information, assistance, and willingnes to wait — hard as that is. A little history. I am mother of a 42 year old son and since junior high school I have been bailing him out. He has never been arrested or in jail, but has had several failed marriages and relationships over the years due to his inability to keep a job and consistently stay off drugs.

He moved in with yet another woman and did drugs for another year when he called and said she left him and he was stranded. Currently, he has been in rehab at the shelter for about 45 days. He says is doing well and just informed me he has committed to the 12 month program, as he did not feel the 90 days would be enough. My concern is how to encourage without enabling. I am meeting him for the first time in two days to take him to lunch. I know his clothes were stolen and he has no money.

I hate contributing to such a bad habit, but with trying so hard to kick the drugs, is it to much to expect him to give up cigarettes too? I want to encourage and be there for him, but do not want to fall into the trap of enabling. He seems to be very serious about changing his life, but I have been down this road so many times before.

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Please, anyone have any advice? My son is 31 and on his 4th dwi, we stopped bailing him out on his third and now 4th, he thinks he might get some prison time. Talk about manipulation! I am scared and out of my mind because I have to let him go and let him hit his own bottom and be responsible for his own actions? I blame myself for his addiction. I know its hard but I have to survive this one day at a time. My son went through this Program through Salvation Army and he needs nothing in there they give him everything and he will earn it through work.

Great program BUT they do get out and it has only been a year and my son is right back to how he was when he went in. So I am just sad these drugs they are choosing are so brain damaging it will be a life long fight. I am so thankful that I found this site. I also have a 42 year old son that has been struggling with alcohol addiction. He just got out of the hospital 3 days ago. I have always been there for him hoping that it would be the last time and it isnt.


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This is so different because I have never done this before. Instead i am now going to Alanon meetings for the support. I feel so guilty and his friends are telling me he feels alone and like I have given up on him. I am finally allowing God to take the wheel and help my son make the right choice and get help. I am 65 years old and it is taking a toll on my health so I had to make different choices for me. This is years of trying to keep him out of shelters or the streets by paying for hotels every time he walks away from jobs and apartments. I pray i am doing the right thing this time because his drink I g has only gotten worse.