Book Reviews on the Mission of the Church (9Marks Journal)

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Book Reviews on the Mission of the Church : November—December 2010

The 9Marks Journal is a quarterly publication that offers topical articles and reviews of relevant books. CCEF Now. They also publish the Journal of Biblical Counseling which is not a free publication.

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As you read the articles we trust that you will be encouraged in your own walk with Christ, equipped to better serve others, and informed about the present work of CCEF. Credo Magazine. Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry. The journal includes both articles and relevant book reviews.

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The Journal of Global Christianity. The journal addresses key issues related to the mission of the Church in hope of helping those who labor for the gospel wrestle with and apply the biblical teaching on various challenging mission topics. The Journal of Missions and Evangelism. Each edition features articles by Southern Seminary faculty as well as pastors and missionaries from around the world.

Key Features

Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The purpose of MSJ is to offer scholarly yet understandable articles that uplift Jesus Christ and equip the Body of Christ to understand and apply biblical truths to their lives and ministries. MSJ is committed to the inerrancy of Scripture and the promotion of sound Bible teaching along with the refutation of doctrinal errors.

Its primary areas of focus are Bible, theology, church history, and apologetics.

9Marks Journal Collection, 2006-2016

Mid-America Journal of Theology. The Midwestern Journal of Theology. Published twice a year, each issue includes theological and exegetical articles, inspirational sermons, and reviews of important books. Puritan Reformed Journal.

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The purpose of the PRJ is to provide the church with biblically grounded and historically informed, Reformed experimental theology. At least two things make this journal stand out. First, the PRJ seeks to minister to the whole person by instructing the mind, warming the affections towards the Triune God, and changing the lives of its readers.

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The premise of the journal is that all theological study should bring us into closer communion with God, greater dependence upon Christ, and the pursuit of holiness through the work of the Holy Spirit. Second, the journal seeks to minister to the church at every level. While it includes well-researched articles by respected scholars, the PRJ intentionally includes simpler and shorter articles designed to appeal to Christians of every level of growth as well.

The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal. The Southeastern Theological Review. Church Mergers and Plants Summer Pastoring Singles Spring The Church Praying Spring Missions: Adding Wisdom to Zeal Fall Expositional Preaching Spring Vanishing Church?

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