201 Fun Chocolate Facts and Chocolate Trivia Quiz

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It all began with a heist. The year was Two Venetian merchants, Buono da Malamocco and Rustico da Torcello, made their way to Alexandria, Egypt on a surreptitious mission, their objective to retrieve the remains of St. Mark the Evangelist who had been martyred in that African city seven and a half centuries earlier.

Although Venice possessed the remains of Theodor of Amasea who it claimed as its patron saint, the Adriatic city was by then well on its way to becoming a commercial and territorial world power, fully deserving of a patron saint of sufficient status to affirm its rightful standing before God as well as man. The two Venetians had willing accomplices: priests from the church of St.

Thus the heist was in part an inside job. When St.

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Back in Alexandria, St. The ubiquitous lion of Venice is in fact the winged lion symbol of St. Mark established in the Apocalypse of St. John , the patron saint to which the rising Venetian Republic had traded up. La Serenissima gained a high octane saint and the ruling caliphate in Alexandria lost a strategic asset, if only for blackmail purposes. The experience of gelato in Italy is a revelation. As in so many of their native products, Italians seem to achieve something bordering on magical with this dessert. For starters, in warm weather months gelato is ubiquitous throughout the Boot, which is not necessarily good, but in this case, it is.

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In every village, town, and city you will find dazzling displays of colorful flavors swirled into creamy peaks garnished artistically with fresh fruit and nuts, which create curiosity and wake up your appetite even if you have none so often eyes tell the stomach what to think. Most gelato cases are filled with a plethora of flavors, usually no less than twenty, some of which you may have never had before or even imagined. Many proprietors, especially in a busy place, are not much for letting you sample, but you can get multiple flavors in a cup, and you can have gelato more than once a day.

The differences come down to both texture and flavor. Typical American ice cream is whipped at high speed with air, something it sometimes contains by as much as 60 percent, while gelato contains very little. Fat conscious? So in the case of gelato less fat means more flavor for many of us, this is perhaps the most important food fact we will ever learn.

And much of the gelato served in Italy is held at higher temperatures, softening it and further amplifying the flavor. Cool refreshing indulgences similar to gelato have a long history dating back to biblical times. Later the Chinese introduced their delicacy to Arab traders who then shared their delicious discovery with the Romans and Venetians.

Something similar to sorbetto was a favorite of Emperor Nero who sent an army of slaves into the Apennines each year to gather snow that could be stored in caves so that he could enjoy his favorite cool fruity indulgence throughout the year. When Caterina married Henry II of France, she was accompanied by her chefs, who were included as part of her dowry along with their recipes and many other ingredients of modern cuisine.

Remaining more a delicacy of the noble class, these frozen delights spread to England and then made their way to America, where they evolved devolved?

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Gelato, meanwhile, never waned in its hold on Europe and especially Italy. If you are in search of the Holy Grail of gelato, many suggest Sicily, where most gelateria still make gelato by hand in small batches. They say his fragola sorbetto tastes like the iced cool essence of luscious, sun-ripened strawberries, freshly picked; the chocolate gelato is so dark and rich it is said to be almost a spiritual experience; and that seismic sensations can be brought on by tasting gelato di fior di spezia spice flower and gelato di insalata di arance blood orange salad flavors, fusions of tastes woven from centuries of cultural history combined in the heavenly experience of true gelato.

Thu, Oct 24, San Francisco, Il Cenacola: Italian Culture from A to Z ; test your Italian cultural knowledge and discover surprising facts and insights about the "Boot, " its delizioso cuisine and astonishing culture; win prizes too!

Because these rules in Pickleball are complex and not immediately obvious from a common sense point of view, it is well worth having a classroom session showing the positions and tactics as well as the scoring system before players go onto the court. Is it true or false that if a let serve hits the non receiving player standing in the non service court, this is still considered a let serve and taken over? If so, why?

This question is I don't know if I'm alive. Are you really alive or just simply drifting through life? The game of Pickleball is popular because the basic rules are easy and so players can get onto the court and start playing quickly. The rules of the game resemble table tennis or badminton more closely than traditional tennis. In the case of a player stepping into the non volley zone it is a fault, even if the shot is dead on the other side. This makes speed, flexibility and decision-making an important aspect of the game.

Is it a fault to step into the non volley zone even if the shot is dead on the other side? Well this appears to be a personal question so I will give it a personal answer rather than advise what should be in someone's toolbox.

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I have a bottle opener. I need this on a daily basis. If I need a hammer, which is only about once a month, I could borrow one.

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As for ratchets, well I don't even know what they are. If needed, I'd have to call a handyman. So I guess you have realised I don't do well when asked 'How handy are you? What is currently in your tool box? A primer will indeed help to cover a dark wall when a lighter colour is to be applied.

After two coats of primer, a dark teal colour, for instance, may now have a pale yellow painted with no advere effect. But a primer is a required preparation for the painting of any surface.

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A primer will prevent the absorption of subsequent layers of paint or the development of rust. What is the main purpose of primer when painting an interior wall?

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I have to go to schhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooolllllll : but i'm getting out soon :. What are you going to do today? The answer should be c. Which attributes setting achieves the following requirement using the "Flatten" transformation? A company uses role hierarchy to implement data security in Salesforce. They want the same Recently Updated. Most Popular. You have been told that only girls should like dolls and boys like sports. When you think about this, you may be a little confused about whether you are a girl or a boy. By taking up this test, you will be able to find out for Sample Question.

A pinkish dress and hair bow. A t-shirt and pants. Shorts and shirt. They're mostly pink. My black outfit. Provide direction and assistance to the participants. Review the content of the course. Ensure that the room is set-up in an appropriate manner. I guess you want to know what is going to be the last thing you will eat before you say goodbye to this world. That sounds scary and weird to think about such stuff, but let's think the other way; it can be fun finding out Earlier than Later than Asset Or Liability?

If you work in accounting, you must know that assets have the ability to increase companies going concern, whereas liabilities are those things that represent money to be laid out. Take up the trivia quiz below and see how well Fun Trivia Test! For Genius Only.


201 Fun Chocolate Facts and Chocolate Trivia Quiz

This is too hard for me already. None of the above. Interesting Quiz On Puns!

Have Fun. A form of word play using words with two or more meanings, or the meanings of words with a similar sound, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. A sweet or plain small bread, especially a round roll.